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Your dream device is finally here!
Inspired and extensively tested by electrofishers, designed and developed by engineers

Unbelievably lightweight

Extremely powerful



Unbeatably safe

Safe and reliable
Every piece of equipment is put through its paces before leaving the factory. The customer can therefore rely on consistent quality.
The dead man’s switch provides additional safety so that no electricity can flow through the electrodes in hazardous situations.
The unit and the bearer frame are attached exclusively using elastic parts. This keeps vibrations away from the bearer frame.

Fishing waters are usually difficult to access.

Every extra kilogram feels doubly heavy here.

It is therefore particularly important that electrofishing equipment is not only portable, but is as light as possible.

The new devices are therefore the ideal partner for anyone who engages in fishing.

The new devices are also optimally suited to use in challenging areas.

Due to their high performance, future electrofishing work will be able to be carried out without time-consuming relocating and dragging cables around.

The new devices are therefore efficient to use and help to save working time.





  • Stock fish for fish farms

  • Stock control before and after stocking operations

  • Stock regulation for excessive whiting or predatory fish stock

  • Catching spawning fish for fish farming purposes

  • Fish extraction and sorting in fish farms

  • Locating types of fish present to support species conservation

  • Scientific investigations

  • Determining the inlet location following fishery damage due to water pollution

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