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Super lightweight




FEG 3000

What makes our devices stand out:
  • State-of-the-art electronics and mechanics 

  • Unparalleled low weight, extremely powerful

  • Designed and developed by engineers and electrofishers

  • Simple operation, unbeatable safety

  • Years of testing under the most challenging conditions by:


- Fishery associations  

- Fishery institutes

- Scientists

- Fish farmers

- Fishery biologists

Technical information

Air-cooled Honda 1-cylinder
4-Stroke 49.4cm³ motor
Lead-free petrol or E10 fuel
4,04kW (5,5 HP) at 3600 rpm
Electric ignition system
Generator :
EFKO Elektrotechnik
Permanently excited multi-phase generator with increased frequency 
Maintenance-free - no bearings
3000 Watt power
Short-circuit-proof and unable to be overloaded by motor  
Dual-voltage and variable
150-300/300-600 volt DC
Special voltage:
Possible up to 750 Volt DC (without extra charge)


Protection class II

Internal double insulation

  • In accordance with VDE 0686, IEC 60335-2-86

  • SEV tested

  • S.T.I. approved

  • IP 55 protection class

  • Cable strain relief

  • Anatomically shaped body outlines 

(Still only available from us worldwide)



EU or FRG with dead man’s switch

Dimensions:     450 x 400 x 600 mm

(L x B x H )

Output voltage:   3000 Watt

Weight:                         27 kg

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