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Magnetic coils

Dear Sir/Madame,

Today we would like to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer of all winding goods in the electronic and electro-technical industry.

We are a modern and established industrial company with over 50 years experience and are now in our 4th generation.

We manufacture magnetic coils of all kinds, from prototype to series production through to automation, specially designed to suit the customer's requests and drawing.

Our large stock of copper enamel and baked enamel wires from Ø 0.01 mm to Ø 3.0 mm, as well as our flat and special wires, allows us to deliver at short notice.

Our engineers and technicians will assist you in the design and construction of your projects.

We are happy to give you a free and non-binding offer.

When you confirm your order, we guarantee you correct, high-quality and punctual delivery.


Joachim Korinek


Our various options for you:

- Torque coils

- Air-core coils

- Winding on coil formers

- Transformers - Toroidal core coils

- Choking coils

- Coils with litz connection

- Coils with soldering pins

- Coils in a small stator

- Coils glued in pot cores

- Multi-chamber coils

- Winding the rotor

Additional services for you:

- Trimming and tinning litz and wires

- Moulding and form bending soldering pins

- Assembling circuit boards by hand

- Device assembly

- Vacuum saturation

- Potting


Please contact us using our contact form if you have any further questions or interests.

We manufacture any magnetic coil in accordance with customer wishes and designs


The future demands quality

We use conventional or automated manufacturing processes according to customer wishes

Our products’ applications

Automotive sector

Aerospace industry

Rail and liner traffic

Heavy goods vehicle traffic

Aerial rescue



Renewable energies


Medical technology  ​

Mechanical engineering


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