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To the fishery associations, fish farmers, fishery biologists, fishery institutes and everyone else involved in fisheries

Dear Sir/Madame,
Electrofishing has gained even more importance for fisheries in the last few years. Unfortunately nature is not as shipshape as it was in our grandfathers’ time. Recreational and commercial fishers are fighting against unnatural water body cultivations, waste water problems and all kinds of other negative influences on their bodies of water. Additionally, fish farming is all about cost-efficient production and therefore being subject to constant streamlining pressure. When a catch of spawning fish is due, proof of fishery damage must be secured, stock recovery or regulation should be carried out, but also in case of fishing dry and various other operations, an electrofishing device is an indispensable helper. 
Work on or in bodies of water is usually taxing when only a heavy e-device is available or continuous cables have to be relocated. It is therefore particularly important that electrofishing equipment is not only portable, but is as light as possible.


Moreover, we bring almost 50 years of experience with us.

In collaboration with electrofishers and engineers, we have developed a device which is unbelievably lightweight, extremely powerful, versatile and unbeatably safe.


This device has been built for people who want to successfully manage their bodies of water as well as nurture and care for their fish stocks and species of fish.

It should make work easier and help those employed in the fishery to create conditions so that fishers can have a “good catch” despite nature being out of sorts.

With kind fisher regards, EFKO
Elektrofischfanggeräte GmbH
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